First Trip to Mexico

Hello all!


School has started back up for me, so it’s been a little (actually a lot) hectic for me, but I wanted to share a little of my spontaneous trip to Cancun. LAW and I went for 5 days to the lovely all inclusive resort Live Aqua Cancun; he went for business, and I went for pleasure. Lucky me, right? 5 days sitting on the beach drinking and eating all I want- yes please! I was good though; I made it to the gym or did hot yoga all but one day- too bad I didn’t anticipate the mosquito attack while doing yoga.


Prior to the trip, I had extensively researched fun things to do in the area, thanks Trip Advisor for the great suggestions, but ended up staying on the resort with a drink in my hand laying by the pool. It was sooo relaxing. Can I just say, the staff there is so accommodating and the hotel always smelled amazing! I had my fill of Bahama Mamas (yum) delicious food, tons of guacamole, and a giant carved pineapple drink. Amazing. The pools were great with lots of areas to sit or lay down on, but the best part had to be the ocean view. I don’t think I’ve ever been as relaxed as I was watching and listening to the ocean, laying on a lounge chair, a drink in my hand, Maya Angelou to read, and a floppy hat to protect me from the sun. And I always had an amazing chair with an umbrella no matter what  time I made it down to the pool.


I ate way too much food, had way too many drinks, and hours of sun filled reading. It was really hard to leave, especially with my flight being at 6:00am. Ugh. LAW seemed to enjoy himself until he broke the cardinal rule in Mexico, don’t drink the water. Poor guy- at least he made it through most of the trip. While I didn’t make it to the famous ruins, I did get to finally see a sunset over the water. Granted it was technically a lagoon, but water nonetheless. Obviously there are always little hiccups when traveling: flight delayed, almost missed connection coming back, LAW forgot his bathing suit (off to the store we go!) sunburns, and lots of drunk 40 year old nerd guys (did I mention LAW was there for a conference?) but I had an incredibly enjoyable vacation.


Guess I better get back to reading my physiology book even though I’m reminiscing about the gorgeous sunsets. It’s raining here now which makes me miss the perfect weather and sun there even more. Back to reality!



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